square product theatre will hold auditions for the World Premiere of SLAB, adapted from the novel by Selah Saterstrom (forthcoming) by Gleason Bauer & Emily K. Harrison 

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SLAB, which kicks off square product theatre's 9th Season, is a multimedia collaboration including video installation designed by Christina Battle and a sound score composed and designed by Janet Feder and Paul Fowler. The piece is set in New Orleans after a storm of epic proportions has destroyed the city and outlying areas. The production will be directed by Los Angeles-based director Gleason Bauer and will run in the Black Box Theatre at the ATLAS in Boulder, July 31-August 16, 2014. 

Rehearsals and performances will take place in Boulder. Rehearsals will begin in June.

Actors will play one core character, and a variety of other characters.


Auditions will take place Saturday, March 22 & Sunday, March 23 in Boulder.

Roles we are casting include: Narrator, Harriet, Champ, Preacher, and Barbara Walters. All roles are paid.

No monologues required. Actors will be sent sides, and we ask that you come prepared to read with other actors; you don't need to memorize the sides, but you should have good familiarity with them. Full script emailed upon request.



NARRATOR– African American/Black Female 30’s – 70’s: requires a performer who excels at direct address to the audience as well as dialect and character work. Should have a Vaudevillian emcee/Mardi Gras/early 20th century carnival barker quality with an underlying poetic/spiritual/tarot card reading heart. Will play MADAME SURGET (a card reader) and MOTHER HARRIET (a Hoo-doo practitioner). There is something magical/mysterious about this character: she is our guide and sees far more than we do.

HARRIET – White Female, 20’s – 30’s: requires an actor who excels at creating specific, believable, and distinct Southern female characters. May require some nudity. Will play multiple roles including: CINDY (a working class, unsophisticated, good-hearted stripper), KASUMI (a beautiful, calm Japanese woman expert in the art of Ikebana) and SISTER (a struggling young mother with a deadbeat husband).

CHAMP – African American/Black Male, late 20’s – 30’s:  appears to be from the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, but is, in fact, the world Oversoul – a plurality of all souls. He is a guide, a spiritual being, the keeper of the crossroads. Must have charisma, presence even when not speaking, and comfort with both poetic language and intimate physicality (kissing, some sexuality). Must also be able to portray multiple specific, believable and distinct Southern characters. Additional roles include: JESÚS (a devil-worshipping, heavy metal stoner), RICKY (an eccentric, but supportive husband and artist) and EDDIE (a nine-year old boy with a harem of girlfriends).


PREACHER – White Male, 40’s – 60’s: appears nearly homeless, he is a hustler who, through a near-death experience, has turned into a deeply spiritual man with an understanding of the world that is far beyond average. This role requires a charismatic actor who is able to find logic and meaning in profoundly imagistic, spiritually significant, abstract poetic language. Actor must also be able to play a variety of other characters, including: GRANDFATHER (a deeply Southern, working class, kindly man who is haunted by his past), RENO (a strip-club owning stoner), DIXIE (a transsexual strip club bartender) and CHARLIE BOY (a disturbed and unemployed alcoholic who is on the verge of suicide).

BARBARA WALTERS – White Female, 50’s – 60’s: actor must be able to strongly embody the voice and behaviors of Barbara Walters, as well as a variety of other Southern working class characters including: WANDA (the mother hen at a strip club) and MOTHER (a woman who has just suffered a severe stroke and is dying).




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