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square product theatre is fiscally sponsored through the Boulder County Arts Alliance! What does that mean for you? Well: it means that you can make a fully tax-deductible donation to us by clicking HERE. What? True story.

Wondering why you should donate? Check out this video we made. Feel the magic. 

Donors include:

SQUARE ($1000 and over): H&H Farms, Carrie Anne K. Harrell, Sarah H. Harrison, Hal Kugeler & Ed Flood

RHOMBUS ($500-$999): Amy C. Buckler Rusterholz & Andy Buckler Rusterholz, Emily K. Harrison, Carolyn Schuham, Kathy Partridge & Ira Chernus, and 1 Anonymous Donor

RECTANGLE ($250-$499): Fran Brown & Michael Hibner, Joe Shepard, and Gretchen Wagner

PARALLELOGRAM ($100-$249): Jun Akiyama, Brian Colonna,  Alexey & Marita Davies, Clay Evans, Janet Feder, Chris & Pete Jensen, Mark Hatfield, Ashely Hughes, Jeffrey Knetsch, Joan Lavell, Emily Lawrence, Kit Marcy, Deborah Malden, Sarah Pierce Martin, Pesha Rudnick, Sam & Sally Sandoe, Debra Silverman, Ligia Batista Silverman & Daniel Silverman, Jenny Scanlon & Connie I. Lane, Mindy Smith, and 4 Anonymous Donors

TRAPEZOID ($50-$99): Liz Acosta, Gleason Bauer, Heather Beasley, Craig Bushman, Dr. Bud Coleman, Mark Davis, Hannah Duggan, Stephen Foehr, Wendy Franz, Kathleen Ham on behalf of Donna Baldwin Agency, Kevin Jackson, John Keebler, Darryl Piggot, Laura Ann Samuelson, Anne Scarbrough, Judith Sumner, Felice Fenwick-Smith, Joan Williamson, Rev. Roger Wolsey, and 2 Anonymous Donors

TRIANGLE ($10-$49): John Barbour & Shana Cordon, Bryan Beller, Amanda Berg Wilson, Joan Bruemmer-Holden, Alana Eve Burman, Doug & Susie Buttery, Mary Laurence Bevington in honor of Peter Stuart Bevington, Reed Bye, Rodolfo Garcia III in honor of Jess Buttery, Rachel Ann Harding, GerRee Hinshaw, Mary Horrocks, Bhanu Kapil, Jamie Maldonado, Jennifer Milligan, John Moore, Alan Nelson, Ann Oberbroeckling, Roseanne Ollero, Dr. Beth Osnes, Linea Rein, Nell Roberts, Erin Rollman, Kathryn Ross, Joanna Rotkin, Rick Samuelson, Samantha Schmitz, Mei Taylor, Cynthia Ward, Ben Waugh, Marcus Williams, Jackson Xia, and 7 Anonymous Donors

Would you like to see your name on this list? Gosh, so would we. Click HERE and make a donation of any size to make it so!


current production supported in part by: